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Credit Account Standard Terms & Conditions

  1. Standard Journey Fare All journeys commencing and terminating with Inverclyde Council boundaries will be charged as per Inverclyde Council Taximeter tariff.
  2. Administration Fee An administration fee of 10% will be levied on your monthly account charges.
  3. VAT Clydebank Taxis Ltd, hereinafter called Inverclyde Taxis® acts as booking agents for their clients, placing work with self-employed owner driven taxis. VAT is charged at the standard rate on all administration fees.
  4. Cancellation Charge A cancellation fee, ‘No Show’ or ‘No Lift’ charge (£3.00) shall apply only if notice of cancellation is received after the taxi has been dispatched and shall be as per the displayed Taximeter Fare at the time of the cancellation or the Minimum Fare (which ever is the greater).
  5. Invoice & Credit Terms Accounts must be settled within 28 days of postmark on the invoice. We understand and will exercise our statutory rights to claim interest and / or compensation for debt recovery costs under late payment legislation if the account is not settled within the agreed credit terms.
  6. Security Account Number & Customer Number(s) These will be issued for each account and must be quoted with all bookings. Clydebank Taxis® cannot accept any responsibility if account or customer numbers are used by unauthorised personnel.
  7. Termination of Account Either party may terminate the account by giving 28 days notice in writing. In the event of the client being in breach of any of the terms or conditions of this agreement the Company reserves the right to terminate or suspend the account forthwith without notice.

Notice: The Company hereby gives notice that, save to extent that any such exclusion of liability is unlawful, it shall not be liable directly or indirectly to the client for any damage or loss whatsoever caused and whether as a result of the negligence or delay on the part of the Company, its servants or agents. Unaccompanied deliveries will be the hirer’s or consignee’s responsibility to be insured against. Clydebank Taxis Ltd® will not accept any claim against them whatsoever.

(All charges are specified, and are subject to change without prior notice)